Folk Wisdom Meets Modern Wellness

Earth-Conscious Products

No pesticides, herbicides, or harmful farming practices. No additives or fillers, just clean hemp extracts and earth-derived ingredients.

Sun-Grown on a Family Farm

Lovingly grown on a single source, organic farm in Colorado. You can count on a consistent, clean product.

Transparency + Integrity

Knowing your source and seeing test results are key to finding effective hemp wellness products. That’s why we use a 3rd party lab to test 100% of our offerings for purity and potency.


Not all Hemp products are created equal.

It can be challenging to know which hemp companies are honest, ethical and safe. Dogwood provides transparency to backup our mission of bringing only the best quality to you. 

Dogwood Botanicals is woman-owned!

Dogwood Botanicals is a woman-owned company inspired by the spirit of the sacred Dogwood tree and the powerful benefits of hemp. Rooted in the Southern tradition of sharing, we lovingly offer you natural products of the highest quality.

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