420 for all, y’all


After 15 years of celebrating what we like to call “Cannabis Appreciation Day,” this year looks quite different. In fact each year that we’ve grown older, our means of celebrating this day have evolved as much as we have. 

In our teenage years and early 20’s, we absolutely overindulged, enjoying heavy amounts of underground cannabis and sharing it communally in Tennessee. Over the years, our holiday evolved into a more sacred day of gratitude for this magical plant that provides so much for us and the earth. As we spent more time with the plant growing cannabis in California, our consumption became more conscious and our relationship with this plant evolved beyond the physical consumption of dried flower to a more spiritual connection and friendship with the plant spirit itself.

To look back and see an evolution in our relationship with cannabis is powerful. We feel grateful to be on this journey with this herbal ally as it continues to gently support us through life’s ups and downs. Our love for this plant and its ability to heal and bring folks together will undoubtedly endure this pandemic moment and the infinite unknowns of years to come. 

Photo by Amber Lokatys at Aster Farms on Humble Bloom Field Trip 2019


This year, 420 looks different for all of us in all the ways. Not just because we’re celebrating all month (hello April 2020!), but because everything is different in this moment. We’re not passing joints. We’re ingesting more edibles to protect our lungs and using more Dogwood CBD to stay grounded amidst pandemic times. This social holiday will be spent mostly alone or at least away from  our canna-communities, but we can still come together for collective action on behalf of those who can’t.

Imagine being incarcerated for a marijuana-related offense and then seeing it deemed "essential business." - Chelsea Handler

In 2020, despite cannabis being illegal federally and in many states, everyone is talking about 420 and the digital festivities taking place this year. On this day and everyday, we hope that the voices being amplified are those living in the South and around the country fighting for legalization in prohibition states, especially since this medicine is considered essential in a state of emergency. Today and everyday, we want to use our voices to speak for the imprisoned, often black and brown folks, sometimes with life sentences, who are suffering for accessing the same plant that is grossing millions in sales today. This is why, from our place of privileged access to safe, tested cannabis, we choose to honor the spirit of 420 by taking action for those without access. 


Here are some simple steps you can take (from your couch!) as you celebrate cannabis in your own way.

  1. Call or write your representatives on behalf of cannabis today. 

Live in a state where cannabis is legal? Great! Demand action from your reps in Washington to push for federal legalization and share the benefits your state has felt from the cannabis industry.  

Live in a state where cannabis is still illegal? Not acceptable! Tell your reps you need them to take urgent action to support the legalization movement, at the state and federal levels. 

Not sure what to say? Don’t fret or let this keep you from acting! Visit NORML’s Action Center where you can choose your state and see specific legislation in need of action. It takes 30 seconds to write your reps through this easy to use, 2-step form and script. 

  1. In addition to voicing your support of cannabis to your elected officials, we encourage you to follow, support, share and donate (if you’re able) to organizations working toward cannabis legalization, prison reform and reparative social justice like:
  1. If you’ve supported the above groups and have extra resources or energy, we also recommend supporting organizations lobbying for cannabis access like:
  1. Share this blog post with 3 friends and ask them to take action, too. Your voice is a powerful amplifier, use it!
  1. Thank yourself for doing your part and tune into one of these digital happenings going on throughout the day:

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