Dosing is personal y’all!

Each of us has different reasons for using CBD for wellness. If you’re new to ingestible CBD or trying a new product for the first time, we always suggest starting small and listening to your body.

For our highly-concentrated Flavorless CBD Drops, we recommend starting with a few drops, and increasing to find the right spot for you, typically between 10mg and 40mg of CBD. Keep in mind, some folks take more for acute issues, and that’s ok too! Our body chemistry and individual needs vary from person to person, so this is why it is best to find your ideal dose.

Our founders, Jamie and Katie, typically take between 10mg and 20mg each morning, and supplement additional servings of 10mg to 40mg later in the day if needed for afternoon stress support or before going to bed at night. For acute needs, like cramp relief during monthly menstrual cycles, we have found a 40mg dose twice a day to be helpful.  

When shopping for CBD, make sure to look at CBD concentration level, not bottle size or liquid volume, since every bottle and product is different. Because of the amount of CBD per milliliter of oil in our formula, you might find that you need less Dogwood when switching from another brand. For example, other bottles may list 1 full dropper (1 ml) for a 10mg serving, but to take this same amount of CBD would only require ¼ dropper (0.25 ml) of Dogwood’s 600mg formula. 

Check out our Dosage Guide for more information on accurate measurements for each size of our Flavorless CBD Drops.  

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