Full Moon Breath + Movement

On each full moon, Dogwood offers a digital breath + movement class that shares tools to assist in mindfully navigating the cycles of life and cycles of the moon. We invite y’all to join us this month for a 15 minute class of slow movement and stretching paired with intentional breathing exercises, which will help us go inward towards the voice of our intuition. Caitlin will be teaching us how to use the 4-7-8 breath to slow down, relax, and find inspiration from within. Happy full moon, y’all.

The video will be available on @dogwood_botanicals IGTV starting on Tuesday, September 1st for that day’s Full Moon. You’ll be able to stream at your own pace anytime that works for you. We look forward to sharing this offering with you!

PLEASE NOTE: You don’t need an Instagram account to participate. Click here to visit our IGTV page and stream the video from any device.

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