Full Moon Breath + Movement

Grab your CBD and a sturdy chair for today’s Full Moon Breath + Movement class with Caitlin Callahan. It takes less than 15 minutes and is inspired by her grandmother Zena (and all the granny women in our lives). 

Caitlin created this class for those with limited mobility. All movements can be done sitting down in a chair. This practice is a great, low-impact way to give your body loving attention and is also a great incentive for taking a wellness break from your desk in the day without needing to leave your office. We hope you enjoy this Full Moon offering!

The October 1st full moon will be exact at 2:05pm PST/ 5:05pm EST.  

On each full moon, Dogwood offers a digital breath + movement class to share tools to assist in mindfully navigating the cycles of life and phases of the moon. The video will be available on @dogwood_botanicals IGTV starting on Thursday, October 1st for the Full Moon. You’ll be able to stream at your own pace anytime that works for you.

PLEASE NOTE: You don’t need an Instagram account to participate. Click here to visit our IGTV page and stream the video from any device.

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