Full Moon Breath + Movement

Feeling your digestion slow down as we approach the Winter Solstice? For this Full Moon Breath + Movement class we will be focusing on moving energy through our body to break up stagnation + support digestion. Grab your CBD and find a comfortable space to enjoy 14 minutes of guided meditation, gentle movement, breathing techniques, and singing bowls. This practice can be enjoyed while seated on the floor or in a chair. Thank you for joining us, enjoy! 

The November 30th full moon eclipse is exact at 1:30am PST/ 3:30am EST. 

On each full moon, Dogwood offers a digital breath + movement class to share tools to assist in mindfully navigating the cycles of life and phases of the moon. The video will be available on @dogwood_botanicals IGTV starting on Monday, November 30th for the Full Moon. You’ll be able to stream at your own pace anytime that works for you.

PLEASE NOTE: You don’t need an Instagram account to participate. Click here to visit our IGTV page and stream the video from any device.

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