Take Action for Federal Cannabis Decriminalization

As we approach the last few months of Biden’s first year in office, there is much work to be done on behalf of countless folks in prohibition states and those still sitting in jail or suffering from felony records for accessing the cannabis plant now fully legal in 18 states. He made campaign promises regarding expungement + we need to hold him accountable. 

Here’s 3 quick actions you can take to help put pressure on the White House to act now before more lives are harmed by the policing of this healing plant. 

  1. Tell President Biden to follow through on his commitment to expunge marijuana records.
  2. Take a moment (yes, 1 minute!) to let your senators know that you support the newly proposed Senate draft bill, the Cannabis Administration and Opportunity Act. This proposed bill addresses many important concerns that face folks in the South and across the country who are still being denied safe access to this healing plant.
  1. Follow Legalize Applachia + join their subscriber community to keep up with regional and national actions you can take on behalf of those who don’t live in legal states.

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