Learn from a skin doctor + CBD specialist

Struggling with skin issues? Dogwood’s founders have both long-struggled with skin irritations including eczema and dermatitis, often inflamed by environmental allergens and stress. In our skincare journeys, we both found that cannabis and hemp greatly help. And when properly formulated without irritants and essential oils, cannabis was just what our unhappy skin needed. 

Today we’d like to share about Dr. Manisha Singal, skin doctor and author of The CBD Skincare Solution: The Power of Cannabidiol for Healthy Skin. Dr. Singal’s book is a cbd skincare gem from a trusted medical perspective. Inside this book, you’ll learn about the science of CBD + skincare and find practical ways to apply this healing plant to your unique skin concerns like acne, eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, and more. 

In Chapter 8, Dr. Singal breaks down the conditions that lead to eczema and lays out how you can support a flare up: 

“The key to breaking the negative loop in eczema is the action of “mast” cells. [These cells] release histamines when triggered, and those set off terrible itching. CBD appears to suppress the action of mast cells, alleviating much of the itching. CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties also help lessen the severity of an eczema outbreak.

The ideal CBD delivery method for an eczema flare-up is a thick layer of topical cream or ointment once or twice a day.This should contain pure CBD from a verified source.”

And in regards to other cannabinoids “research indicates that eczema, especially in severe cases, is responsive to the entourage effect of combining cannabinoids in a treatment. If it’s legal in your state, [Dr. Singal] recommend[s] using a topical with CBD and THC.”


The CBD Skincare Solution: The Power of Cannabidiol for Healthy Skin (pages 124-125).


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