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Flavorless CBD Drops – Travel Size


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Try our original flavorless blend of Full-Spectrum Hemp Extract and Coconut MCT Oil in a travel-sized bottle!

You can feel good knowing our hemp is sourced from a family farm in Colorado that uses sustainable and earth-conscious farming practices.

  • This bottle contains 120mg of Full-Spectrum Hemp Extract in a 3mL bottle
  • 15mg Hemp Extract per serving
  • Approximately 8 servings per bottle
  • 120mg of Full-Spectrum Hemp means 120mg of CBD + other beneficial cannabinoids!
  • Our products contain less than 0.3% THC
  • All shipping materials and paper goods are sourced from 100% recycled materials that are reusable and compostable

Our Promise:

  • 3rd Party Tested for Purity and Potency
  • Gluten Free + Vegan + Cruelty Free + Non-GMO + Free of Pesticides and Residual Solvents!
  • Sun-Grown in the USA
  • Manufactured with love in the USA
  • 100% Pure Ingredients
  • No Fillers – No Additives – No Glycerin

Instructions For Use:

Place desired amount under tongue for 30 seconds before swallowing.

Can be added to food or drink, or used on skin.

If using this product for the first time, start small! Use only a few drops to begin with and work your way up to a higher dose only if needed.


Full-Spectrum Hemp Extract and Organic MCT Coconut Oil

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16 reviews for Flavorless CBD Drops – Travel Size

  1. Leora

    Perfect drops to help me unwind at night while traveling and sleeping away from home.

  2. Chantal J.

    I added a few drops of the flavorless CBD oil into my bath and it completely elevated my relaxation experience. Adding in some chamomile flowers in the bath water, I felt so calm and sleepy. Healed my sore joints and muscles after an intense workout. Highly recommend.

  3. Karen W.

    Makes travel easy – I recommend the little bottle for your purse but it’s not big enough to cover your daily dose on long trips.

  4. Calli

    Dogwood Botanical’s help supplement is truly flavorless and a great product to incorporate into your everyday routine. I love this product for general mental clarity, anxiety, and more.

  5. Emmie Purcell

  6. Caitlin Callahan

    Dogwood is that good, good CBD! With all the options out there, it’s nice to have a product you can trust. I was a major skeptic of the physical benefits of CBD until I tried this product at one of Dogwood’s CBD mocktail events in Knoxville, Tennessee. Prior to the event, I felt so stressed and rundown. My body wouldn’t slow down and relax. All the sudden, I felt the physical benefits of the product. My mind slowed down and my body relaxed. I now use it regularly to unwind and relax. The mental benefits for me are amazing. I highly recommend this brand.

  7. Mimi Houston

    It seems like CBD is everywhere nowadays, but knowing that Dogwood sources all their ingredients, packaging, etc. ethically and responsibly is what really brings me peace of mind. Plus, the CBD is top notch! I wouldn’t buy from any other vendor. Thanks y’all! Bless your hearts (but really)!

  8. G Edwards

    I’ve been taking Dogwood now for a week and a half and I can already feel the great benefits that it’s giving my body and mind.

    More Focused
    Better Sleep
    Lightened Anxiety

    I know these two business women care about delivering a great product that works and it shows.

    From the packaging , quick shipping and knowledge of the product to the great customer service.

    I highly recommend this product!!

  9. Emmie M Purcell

    I have tried hundreds of brands of CBD and Dogwood Botanicals is the best!

  10. Britney Weaver

    I’ve tried a lot of cbd products, and this has to be my favorite by far. I’ve struggled with chronic pain for a long time and i’m just not into taking prescription pain meds all the time. I find that this really takes the edge off, helps me sleep, and calms my anxiety in a natural way. (:

  11. Jay Alper

    Dogwood Botanicals absolutely sets an extraordinary standard that all other CBD tinctures should be measured against. It’s out of this world.
    After suffering a brain injury I’ve been great difficulty trying to stay ahead of my post concussion snydrome symptoms with varied levels of failure. However, after using the tintucure I noticed that my headaches, pain, nerves and related short term memory have improved substantially in a very short period. If it hadn’t happened to me, I’m not sure if I’d believe it.
    It has afforded me the grace and dignity of waking up void of the confusion, anger and pain that has been a constant companion since my accident. There’s simply not a price you can put on that kind of
    feeling and lucidityy.
    It has calmed my senses to a degree that my visual and optical disturbances are at a minimum. My goodness, how it’s helped my issues with photosensitivity, sound and spacial awareness. Being fortified with the tincture has gifted me the semblance of feeling human. I’ve been able to listen to music again while being out in the sun which was previously impossible. I can even suffer LCD screens longer!
    All my esteem to wonderful altruistic folks at Dogwood Botanicals and all the painstaking care they’ve gone through to achieve such a masterful beneficial product that’s smoother than honey.
    If it helps me with this condition, I can’t imagine all the otherworldly benefits it can offer to others.
    Hats off to the heavyweight champion of CBD products!

  12. david j bostic

    This is a great product for me in two ways. It really helps me to fall asleep on days when I feel little high stung to sleep. It also helps with anxiety as a performer. When I DJ I get a little anxious before I perform so I usually skip a meal. But the hemp supplement seems to get me level so I can enjoy a meal right before I hit the turn tables!

  13. Roy Valentine

    Have suffered from hand tremors for years. Couldn’t hold a cup of coffee. Started taking this product about a month ago and the tremors have greatly improved. Overall energy level has considerably increased.Will continue to order!

  14. Kaitlin Boling

    I have tried several CBD supplements and this is by far my favorite. I’ve used it periodically over the last month or so to relieve headaches or when I just need to relax. Unlike other CBD supplements I have tried, this product does not weigh me down or make me feel drowsy, but gives me a nice, clean relaxed feeling. I sleep really well when I take it and I have also noticed that if I take it during the day, I have way more energy throughout the day. Shipping was super fast and customer service is great!

  15. Sue

    I’ve been taking this product for nearly a month and have had incredible relief from chronic pain, stress and anxiety. I’m a mom and entrepreneur who has used cannabis to manage symptoms in the past but this blend from Dogwood Botanicals works better than anything I’ve tried. I feel grounded, calm and more focused since I added this to my daily routine. Highly recommend to anyone looking to feel better!

  16. Alice

    I started using this tincture daily and noticed that it helped so much with my anxiety and focus at work! I tend to be a little scatterbrained, but within 30 min of taking the tincture I am able to focus on work and find myself being more productive. I feel relaxed and happy. So glad to have this in my life!

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