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Flavorless CBD Drops – 600mg


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Our original flavorless blend of Full-Spectrum Hemp Extract and Coconut MCT Oil

You can feel good knowing our hemp is sourced from a family farm in Colorado that uses sustainable and earth-conscious farming practices. 

  • This bottle contains 600mg of Full-Spectrum Hemp Extract in a 15mL bottle
  • 20mg Hemp Extract per serving
  • Approximately 30 servings per bottle
  • 600mg of Full-Spectrum Hemp = 600mg of CBD and hundreds of other beneficial cannabinoids!
  • Our products contain less than 0.3%THC
  • All shipping materials and paper goods are sourced from 100% recycled materials that are reusable and compostable

Our Promise:

  • 3rd Party Tested for Purity and Potency
  • Gluten Free + Vegan + Cruelty Free + Non-GMO + Free of Pesticides and Residual Solvents!
  • Sun-Grown in the USA
  • Manufactured with love in the USA
  • 100% Pure Ingredients
  • No Fillers – No Additives – No Glycerin

Instructions For Use:

Place desired amount under tongue for 30 seconds before swallowing.

Can be added to food or drink, or used on skin.

If using this product for the first time, start small! Use only a few drops to begin with and work your way up to a higher dose only if needed.



Full-Spectrum Hemp Extract and MCT Coconut Oil

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24 reviews for Flavorless CBD Drops – 600mg

  1. Becky Mink

    Great product. I sleep like a baby!

  2. Lori Terrones

    Excellent! I decided to try this oil for joint pain I have that is associated with lupus. It helps with my joint pain and I was pleasantly surprised that it also helped with my anxiety and focus. This is a very good product and would highly recommend it. The customer service is also top notch! USPS had lost or delayed my order, we weren’t quite sure which. I emailed and let them know. Jamie got back to me right away and immediately sent out a replacement! Awesome company!

  3. Anonymous

    My mom has found such relief with this!

  4. Becky Mink

    Helps me sleep!

  5. Lauren J.

    Love the product. Easy to dose and comes with convenient instructions.

  6. Becky Mink

    This really helps me sleep at night!

  7. Becky

    I use this at night to help me sleep. It really works!

  8. Karen W.

    The best I’ve used!

  9. Becky Mink

    Absolutely the best thing to help me sleep! (And I’ve tried others.)

  10. Becky M.

    A little under my tongue has really helped me sleep!

  11. Andrea

    This cbd tincture is the best I’ve had. It helps with my anxiety and I forget I ever had bad days. I love this company and what they do and how they give back. It’s great knowing this product is sourced ethically and from people that care.

  12. Christy Pace

    Great products!

  13. Elise

  14. Emmie Purcell

  15. Diana Eads

    Very good product

  16. Gabrielle

    I am so happy to have this product in my life! I work multiple jobs and need help focusing and keeping calm…this starts my day and sometimes ends my day when I need help settling down so I can get to sleep! It’s amazing all the ways you can use this product….I will take it before workouts and it helps lessen my recovery time so I’m not soooo sore between workouts. I even use it topically on my muscles that are really aching! This product is truly flavorless, so it is easy to take sublingually, but also blends nicely in beverages. Thank you Dogwood for not only a well-made product, but for providing information about usage/dosage, not to mention having testing results available online- I feel so comfortable taking this and recommending it to others!

  17. Emily

    Dogwood has become a new part of my daily routine. I have been using it for about a month and have noticed an overall improvement in my mood and ability to cope with stress. The taste is delicious and great with coffee, tea or by itself. I love the story behind the company and knowing I am using the highest quality full spectrum CBD. I keep seeing articles about CBD in magazines and I wish everyone knew about this product! I highly recommend trying it!

  18. Jessie

    I love the taste of this product compared to other CBD oils I’ve tried. It tastes pure and clean, not bitter and overwhelming like other brands I’ve tried. I usually put it under my tongue, but sometimes I add it to my coffee as well and it doesn’t affect the flavor of my drink! So glad I found Dogwood!!!

  19. Mimi Houston

    I’ve been using these CBD drops for a couple months now and not only is the product itself effective, but I get (even more) peace of mind knowing that each drop is sustainably and ethically sourced!

  20. Cam

    I have been very happy with the effects I have experienced trying Dogwood Botanicals hemp supplement. As someone who absolutely cannot tolerate most cannabis and cannabis-derived products (no matter the quantity or strain), I have had zero ill effects from using this. I have found that my mood lifts, my body relaxes, and my anxiety decreases. If you have been curious about hemp/CBD, give this a try, and if you are a current user of CBD products already, try this brand for its purity and quality!

  21. Vicki Boling

    Love this product. Started using it a couple of weeks ago and have been very happy with the results! Have so much more energy, body aches greatly reduced. Great company.

  22. Sue

    I’ve been taking this product for nearly a month and have had incredible relief from chronic pain, stress and anxiety. I’m a mom and entrepreneur who has used cannabis to manage symptoms in the past but this blend from Dogwood Botanicals works better than anything I’ve tried. I feel grounded, calm and more focused since I added this to my daily routine. Highly recommend to anyone looking to feel better!

  23. brenda

    As a caregiver for a family member, I lead a stressful, busy life. I decided to give dogwood botanicals a test to see if my level of stress could be taken down any. I am pleasantly surprised! After a couple of weeks, my mood has improved and the feeling of being “on edge” has diminished. Will recommend this product to friends.

  24. Alice

    I started using this tincture daily and noticed that it helped so much with my anxiety and focus at work! I tend to be a little scatterbrained, but within 30 min of taking the tincture I am able to focus on work and find myself being more productive. I feel relaxed and happy. So glad to have this in my life!

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