3rd Party Testing

DID YOU KNOW?     Testing for quality and cleanliness is not required by our industry.  As part of our mission to provide reliable and safe products, we choose to test our products with a 3rd party laboratory before selling them. 

WHY TEST?     Testing for hemp products is important because hemp is great at bioremediation. This means the plant can absorb and remove toxins from the soil. This is also why earth-conscious or organic farming practices are essential for safe hemp products. Additionally, any harmful substances or manufacturing byproducts can be magnified through the extraction process. This is why choosing a source you can trust with test results you can see is essential in our industry. 

OUR STANDARD     Our flower, extract and finished product are triple tested by a 3rd party lab for potency, residual solvents and pesticides to ensure safety and optimal benefits. Look for the Batch ID on your Dogwood Botanicals bottle and verify test results below.

View Test Results For Your Product

Each product we create comes with a Batch ID so you can see the test results from our 3rd party lab.

Look for the Batch ID on the label or box and click below to see the corresponding test results.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the nature of full-spectrum extracts, our formulas vary in concentration slightly from batch to batch. However, small CBD overages are the only variant that passes our QC procedures, not lower amounts or excessive overages. Transparency and consistency are pillars of our brand, so we always make sure to report batch results here, before a new batch hits the shelves. If you have questions, we’re always here via our Contact Form or via email to hi@dogwoodbotanicals.com.

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