It all began in Tennessee...

Jamie and Katie, Dogwood Cofounders


Dogwood Botanicals began 14 years ago in East Tennessee with long-time friends and business partners, Jamie and Katie. Their passion for the cannabis plant led them to California where they have been specializing in their knowledge for this plant and this industry for over 10 years. By witnessing the life-changing benefits of cannabis and other herbal wellness practices, Katie and Jamie have been affirmed many times over on their paths to create more access to cannabis. They are pleased to offer Dogwood Botanicals as a way for their folks back home and around the country to access wellness through cannabis.

Our core mission is to support the earth as we support each other and our endocannabinoid systems. Our model emphasizes a triple bottomline of people, planet and profits and we consider the impacts of all three for every business decision. For example, all shipping materials and paper goods are sourced from 100% recycled materials and are biodegradable. We reserve 1% of all sales for donation to Cannabis Impact Fund and are members of Broccoli Magazine’s Floret Coalition where we donate to various grassroots organizations each month. Read more about our social impact

Our single-source US hemp is sun-grown, loved, and manufactured on a single-source, organic, regenerative farm in Southern Oregon.

As of 2023, we have transitioned away from our previous hemp farm in CO, where our hemp was grown the past 4 years, to a new farm in Southern Oregon. This was one of the biggest decisions for our business and we are feeling very blessed to have a new partner that is even more aligned with our values and vision at Dogwood. Our goal as hemp providers has always been to work with a single source farm, which ties back to our backgrounds as cannabis cultivators who are deeply committed to sustainable farming practices and farming techniques that honor the earth and the plant. Our new partner farm, East Fork Cultivars, carefully cultivates craft Oregon cannabis and 9 acres of hemp, with specialties in regenerative farming and stellar cannabis genetics. The hemp plants on this farm are fed with water from the East Fork of the Illinois River and are sun grown in lovingly tended soil without pesticides or fertilizers. With certified organic hemp from this farm, we will continue to extract the CBD using the same process and ingredients. 

 Our priority is sourcing the highest quality ingredients for our customers.