Dogwood Cares


Dogwood cares, since day one.

Over the years we have had the privilege of witnessing cannabis and hemp have a positive impact on innumerable lives around us. Our journeys working with medical cannabis began in 2012 when we became stewards of land and cultivation operations that provided California medical patients with homegrown cannabis under Prop 215.


While adult-use cannabis markets have continued to expand and provide greater access to folks around the country, too many others are still facing the harms of prohibition, criminalization, and strategic stigmatization of the plant. Our responsibility and compassion as hemp and cannabis community members and business leaders is centered on our mission to bring safe, reliable education & provide cannabis access to as many people as possible. 


Our Giving Back initiative started with the founding of Dogwood in 2018 when we chose a grassroots organization to donate 1% of monthly sales towards. We've supported orgs like Highlander Research Center, Equity Alliance, and many more. Since 2020, we have been donating 1% of all sales to Cannabis Impact Fund


In addition to redirecting 1% of all sales, Dogwood reserves a portion of all goods for community care opportunities. We seek to provide free or low-cost access to our products to marginalized community members. 



We are proud members of the Floret Coalition, an anti-racist collective of small businesses in the cannabis and cannabis-adjacent space supporting and funding equity-oriented actions via monthly donations and social campaigns. Our small business has donated $50 every month to Floret orgs since the coalition's inception in late 2020. Together, our 100+ members raise funds and awareness for organizations prioritizing the needs of Black, Latine, and Indigenous communities. Learn more here. 


We contribute regularly to Legalize Appalachia, a North Carolina non-profit working to equitably legalize cannabis in Appalachia. This organization was co-founded by Dogwood Co-founder, Jamie Boling and they support communities, individuals and families marginalized by the continued prohibition of cannabis in the South with cash aid, free therapy, cannabis advocacy and community education. Learn more here