Cannabis is for Moms

Photo by Whitney Jade Photography.


Cannabis is for moms, y’all.

“Cannabis has been there for me in all of my experiences as a Mom. When I began my journey through pregnancy to birth and on to motherhood, my connection to this sacred plant evolved and remained steady and supportive of my bliss. When I was pregnant in 2013, I felt like I had to hide my cannabis intake, even in California, and even now the unwarranted but ingrained cultural stigma makes it uncomfortable to say. Since I discovered its benefits as a pregnant person struggling with symptoms that this plant alleviates, it has continued to offer me so much grounded, blissful, focused, motivated, calm energy we all need to exist– and even more as we raise little humans in this world. Without my CBD and Cannabis, I know I would be far less able to deal with all the ups, downs, and the beautiful interruptions of parenting (like the big feelings from my son which needed my attention + asked me to pause as I write these words).

I can say so much about the ways my connection to this nurturing, magical plant spirit makes my life better everyday, and always. My hope is that by sharing this little part of my story and acknowledging my privilege of having been able to become a parent in a medical Cannabis state, that I can assist in my small way in reducing the stigma and help other folks find or affirm their healing relationship with this plant. I look forward to the day when all Mamas can openly and freely support this plant without fear of harm.” -Jamie, Co-founder of Dogwood Botanicals

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Moms and Mothering people, past, present and future, and to those who are mothering their communities in so many ways. As we reflect on this holiday, we can’t help but acknowledge the incarcerated Mamas who are wrongfully suffering away from their children, most often for simply being unable to pay bail. 

We encourage you to learn about some of the folks working to dismantle the oppressive cash bail system and actively getting people out of jail for Mother’s Day, and all year long. Start by taking a moment for this Mother’s Day Action. Learn more about National Bailout HERE and Knoxville’s Black Mamas Bail Out HERE.

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