Meet the magical CBD cream your medicine cabinet needs

Photo by Rob Williamson. Styled by Bryson Gill.

Imagine if you had a single skincare product that could not only make your skin glow, but could also help with the discomfort of dry skin, the itchiness of a big bite, and frustration of persistent rashes. We dreamed of such a cream and set out to create it in real life with the guidance of renowned clinical herbalist, Lily Mazzarella. This multi-purpose CBD topical is designed specifically for sensitive and reactive skin, with safe ingredients for folks of all ages and genders.

How It’s Made

We take things seriously when it comes to product formulation. It’s important for us to find the right collaborators, ingredients that are aligned with our ethics, and create something magical that will bring support to those who use it. Our offerings are made with intention and our goal is to ensure we’re using the highest quality ingredients. Cannabis has been used topically in history for thousands of years and in our personal lives for decades.  We dedicated many hours in our home kitchens to crafting homemade cannabis salves and lotions using cannabis from our own gardens. We knew it was aligned for us to create a CBD topical at Dogwood to help further share the magic of cannabis topicals. 

For years, we noticed we couldn’t find full-spectrum CBD creams in stores that were safe for sensitive skin or sensitive areas. Oftentimes the topical CBD products we found were full of essential oils that made our skin upset and on top of that, most of them left us with an unpleasant greasy residue. Yikes! 

Outside of this, there were many other issues associated with CBD creams; Some had CBD were not full-spectrum, which meant that the benefits weren’t fully there. Lastly, some didn’t hydrate the skin properly, which is the last thing you want from a cream, right?

Our formulator, Lily Mazzarella, Founder of Farmacopia + and Co-Founder of The Botanical Bus, helped us make the perfect product in every aspect: texture, smell, weight, color, benefits, and ingredients. Her years of experience as a holistic health practitioner and owner of Farmacopia, an integrative wellness center in Santa Rosa, CA, provided us with the genius needed to create a magical one-of-a-kind offering. Our vision is a hybrid of the perfect face cream that doubles as a multi-purpose assistant to skin + skin issues anywhere on the body.

Photo by Anna-Alexia Basile. Model Nkechi Njaka.

Each jar of cream contains Dogwood Botanicals’ full-spectrum CBD, grown on our partner farm in CO, infused with jojoba oil and organic coconut oil. We ship our organic CBD oil to our private manufacturing facility in Sonoma County, where it is combined with our other organic and locally sourced ingredients in small batches. Our ingredients are selected with intention + an emphasis on organic + biodynamic sourcing and 100% cruelty-free + vegan.

Truly Multi-Purpose, Family-Friendly, and Created for All Genders

Our hope is that no matter who you are, this magical cream will work wonders for you. We’ve made it for virtually every situation in life that can warrant some skin TLC.

Here are just a few examples of the cream in-action IRL (We bet they’ll sound familiar!):

  • You or your partner has the sudden misfortune of irritated skin from razor burn after shaving. Solution? Apply a dab of our CBD Cream. 
  • Your child spent the day rolling in the grass and now has some irritation. Apply a little cream and voila, they’ll be happy campers in no time. 
  • Your feet are feeling dry and you want to ease that feeling with a quick little spa moment. Reach for the CBD cream and embrace some me time.

While the list can go on, as we’re sure you know, we think you get the point. 

One little jar goes a long way. Figuratively and literally.

What’s more this cream can go with you anywhere. Road trip? Tuck it in your duffel. Heading to the office? Pack it in your purse or keep some deskside. At home? Store it in your medicine cabinet.

Photo by Anna-Alexia Basile. Model Nkechi Njaka.


Our goal is for it to work with your lifestyle. 

We even went so far as to make sure that its daily uses extend to *almost* every situation you will need it for. 

Here are our top 10 favorite uses to show you just how limitless it is:

  1. Use as a daily moisturizer to help hydrate, and soothe tired skin. 
  2. Lather on your hands during the colder months to help them stay moisturized and smooth. (Especially important now as we’re all super cognizant of our hand washing routine in light of Covid)
  3. Soothe itchy bug bites. 
  4. Apply post-beach days when your skin is parched and sun-kissed, okay, sunburnt. 
  5. Add into your at-home spa lineup to cap off with a moisturized, and dewy glow. 
  6. Ease up redness after you exfoliate. 
  7. Use it as an overnight cream and wake up glowing.
  8. Apply it after a long run to help soothe those well-worked limbs. 
  9. When you notice a pimple pop up (maskne, anyone?) apply as a spot treatment.
  10. A perfect aftershave for face and body to reduce irritation. Bye, razor bumps. 

Are you ready to welcome the most versatile cream into your life today? Shop it here.


Written by Alivia Massimillo for Dogwood Botanicals

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