420 for all, y’all!

We are sending lots of love + virtual joints to our canna-friends and CBD community on this special day. While we look forward to future IRL 420 hangs, we’ll be spending today honoring this sacred plant + it’s blissful joy. 

We’ll also be celebrating major progress in Virginia and what this means for the South. Find us meditating in the sunshine on the future of equitable + reparative Cannabis in Appalachia, and sending infinite gratitude to the amazing activists and Black-lead orgs who are the reason the VA Governor got behind equitable legalization.

Whether you’re lighting up or taking a CBD bath to celebrate, each act of normalization and each conversation we share in our communities makes an impact toward destigmatizing and liberating this plant. Every time we openly support Cannabis or hemp, we pave the way for others and honor the legacy and work of so many activists and advocates who’ve been fighting this fight for decades. 

Here are 3 quick, but powerful actions you can take to support this work today:

  1. Follow, support and if you’re able, donate to the groundbreaking work of these inspiring orgs and activists who are leading the way for equitable cannabis access in the South + across the country:
  2. Whether you live in a legal cannabis or prohibition state, take some time to get to know what bills/actions need support in your community. Visit normal.org/act and select your state. From here, you can review proposed bills and take direct action with their tools and scripts to easily email your reps. Tennessee and North Carolina both have promising bills being considered this session (TN SB1477 + NC SB646). You an support these via the linked bills and we will share more in-depth about those in an upcoming post.
  3. Tell someone in your life about how cannabis makes life better for you. Each time we speak up about its countless benefits, we de-stigmatize this sacred plant, and contribute to its coming liberation. 


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