Herbal allies for COVID-19

In uncertain times, one thing we know we can count on is our herbal allies. Here’s a list of our favorite wellness tools for building our immunity, staying calm, and feeling good.

These best-selling Dogwood Botanicals 600mg Full-Spectrum Hemp Drops are our go-to, whether we need assistance with daily living or help winding down. We find that using a 10mg dose in our morning tea is the perfect way to start off feeling balanced. In the afternoon, if we are having a full day, we’ll take a 20mg dose directly under our tongue. At night, a 20mg dose before bedtime has been helping us drift off into a peaceful night of rest. Available online through Dogwood Botanicals.

If you live in California, we highly recommend picking up a box of Rose Los Angeles Turkish Delights from your local dispensary. These edibles have been brightening our days and heightening our mood. Handmade in San Francisco by a team of chefs, each Turkish Delight contains 5mg of single-strain rosin plus consciously sourced ingredients. Our favorite flavor is the Rose Hibiscus. CA Stockist list here.

For us, using daily supplements are key to keeping our immune systems functioning optimally. Farmacopia’s Not Sick Tincture is a great way to add herbs and mushrooms to your daily diet. We like mixing this one in with our morning tea or coffee! Available online through Farmacopia.

These are stressful times. We find that leaning on flower essences helps us feel more grounded. We love this handy Post-Trauma Stabilizer Spray by FES that you can spritz into your mouth or around your body to balance your energy, especially if you feel yourself becoming overwhelmed. Available online through FES.

Even though we don’t have a sore throat, this Flora Wellness Yarrow and Elderberry Sore Throat Spray has been a constant companion lately. The anti-infective properties of these herbs can help act as a shield of protection against germs. Available online through Flora Wellness.

We’re taking extra steps to protect our lung health. Tap Root’s Strong Lung Syrup is the perfect daily syrup to add to your routine. We take 1 tsp each morning. This formula tastes delicious and is packed with immune-boosting and lung supporting herbs like Mullein, Nettle, and Marshmallow. Available online through Farmacopia and Scarlet Sage.

Our hands need extra love from all the hand washing we’re doing. Thankfully, Dogwood’s Calendula Rose Cream offers relief through its versatile, sensitive skin formula. Our hands feels moisturized and nurtured immediately after applying! Available online through Dogwood Botanicals.
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